Biographies Of Christopher Columbus (14 Titles) [History]

Suggest and discuss books to read (all languages welcome!)
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The Life Of Christopher Columbus (1875) by Abbott, John John Stevens Cabot (1805–1877)

Christopher Columbus: His Life And His Work (1892) by Adams, Charles Kendall (1835–1902)

Christopher Columbus (1440–1506) (1881) by Alden, William Livingston (1837–1908)

ℹ️ Despite inaccurately adressing Columbus' birth date, it is a decent study.

The True Story Of Christopher Columbus, Called The Great Admiral (1892) by Brooks, Elbridge Streeter (1846–1902)

Christopher Columbus (1915) by Byne, Mildred Stapley (1875–1941)

Christopher Columbus (1911) by Campe, Joachim Heinrich (1746–1818)

The Life Of Christopher Columbus (1915) by Crompton, Sarah (1802–1881)

The Discovery Of America By Christopher Columbus (1892) by Hakes, Harry (1825–????)

Life Of Christopher Columbus (1892) by Markham, Clements Robert (1830–1916)

Christopher Columbus And The Discovery Of America (1896) by McCarthy, J. J. (????–????)

The Story Of Christopher Columbus (1912) by Moores, Charles Washington (1862–1923)

The Life Of Christopher Columbus (1890) by Tarducci, Francesco (1842–1935)

Volume 1:

Volume 2:

A Life Of Christopher Columbus (1892) by Wilkie, Franc Bangs (1832–1892)

Christopher Columbus (1911, 3d Edition) by Young, Filson (1876–1938)

Titles accompanied by ◄ are highly recommended


Master Μariners (1912) by Spears, John Randolph: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=74940
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