A survey of the woman problem by Rosa Mayreder 1858-1938

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A survey of the woman problem, from the German of Rosa Mayreder 1913
by Mayreder, Rosa Obermayer, 1858-1938; Scheffauer, Herman George, 1878-1927



To the majority of women as well as men, Kant's dictum on mankind in general will, unfortunately, apply all too well: “If you ask whether mankind is to be regarded as a good species or as a bad, I must confess that it has not much to boast about.” Certainly, the ordinary woman has as little reason to boast as the ordinary man, and we ought to cease attempting to formulate any sweeping judgments about either sex as a whole. This method of generalisation is one of the vulgar mental habits of the present day which tend to confound the superior individual, the man who rises above the average, with the mass.
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