Essays on the perception of an external universe by Mary Shepherd 1777-1847

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Essays on the perception of an external universe Shepherd, Mary, Lady, 1777-1847 published 1827

Lady Mary Shepherd (1777-1847) was born and raised at Barnbougle Castle, near Edinburgh. She settled in London in 1808 after marrying the English barrister Henry John Shepherd (McRobert 2014: 19, 47), and subsequently published two books and three essays. According to a memoir written much later by one of her daughters, Shepherd had earlier written some 'metaphysical disquisitions' about Hume and Priestley, although these have since been lost (Brandreth 1886: 28-9).

Shepherd's daughter reports that Shepherd was involved with "both the scientific and the literary sides of the learned world" and that her social circle included Sir Charles Lyell, Charles Babbage, Mary Somerville, William Whewell, Sydney Smith, Thomas Malthus, and David Ricardo (Brandreth 1886: 41-42).

Shepherd's first book was An Essay upon the Relation of Cause and Effect, published in 1824. Shepherd's second book, Essays on the Perception of an External Universe (1827), contains a long essay intended to show that we have good reason to attribute a continued, external, and independent existence to objects.
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