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Well, it's one of the weeks where I'm supposed to be working on paid writing projects, so of course I'm playing around with Project Gutenberg lists!

Here's a round up of the SF works published on PG in January, 2021. I combined both short works and longer works in one post this time, but separated into categories. If this is too unwieldy I may go back to separate posts for short and longer works. The short works are first, then the novellas/novelettes below that. I will not keep track of the short stories being recorded since they are frequently recorded multiple times but I will try to note when the novellas/novelettes get picked up and keep that part of the list updated. If you decide to start a solo or collection with any of the longer works, it will be helpful if you comment in this thread!


Using the rule of thumb that 8000 words is around an hour of recording, I made that my cutoff between short works suitable for short works collections and longer works that are better as solos or custom collections of several longer works. Because short stories can be used repeatedly in various collections, I'm not going to follow up and keep track of when/whether these are recorded, though I will attempt to do so with the longer works

The Venus Evil - Chester S. Geier
4419 words

"In the sweet Venusian spring, when iridescent butterflies swarmed and deer-things scampered, it was both necessary and good for Richard Farris to kill George Pearce."

Quest on Phoebe - James R. Adams
4712 words

"Savagely, Ron Farr tore and blasted through the Saturnian moon's jungle, snarling at the timid natives to keep their distance. He sought
eternal life—and they might get in his way...."

Miss Tweedham's Elogarsn - Robert Moore Williams
5476 words

"The choice was Miss Tweedham's. Either a thlat and freedom--or Malovel and his esse. She chose the latter. Dangerous, yes. But with them came Sanderson, man among men on this desert star."

The Flight of the Eagle - Alfred Coppel
5892 words

"It was a new and mysterious plant. It could make its own weather; it was sentient, and it prospered on Venus. But Earth needed it desperately. And Bat Kendo, the radar-mutant, was told to bring it in."

The Un-Reconstructed Woman - Hayden Howard
5486 words

"At first Paul wished fervently for the return of the Doric. But now ... now that he was getting to know and understand this strange, blue-tressed vision????"

Preview of Peril - Alfred Coppel
7556 words

"Like shadows, the four ships of Flotilla Blue Three slipped through the patrol cordon of the powerful Martian Space Force. Only
the crazy luck of their mad, medal-bedecked Commodore would ever get them out again."

Zero Hour - Ray Bradbury
3064 words

"PLANET STORIES proudly presents one of the best science-fiction stories we have ever seen. Perhaps you will vote it THE best!"

Escape from Pluto - William Oberfield
2902 words

"Exiled to Pluto's harsh wastes, Marcius Kemble listened eagerly to the evil voices planning his
triumphant return. But even the Plutonians underestimated the flaming glory to which they sent him."

Girl of the Silver Sphere - J. Harvey Haggard
2918 words

"Beautiful, impossibly savage, Prince Ilon loved her madly. For her he would almost dare the blackest secret of the cosmos. Almost--but not quite...."

Asteroid Justice - V.E. Thiessen
4926 words

"What was Sam Knox up to now--drifting helplessly in a tiny eggshell across black oceans of space with two weeks'grub? Was this the way the great man-hunter deftly snagged his prey?"

Test for the Pearl - Bill Garson
5005 words

"Together, the Earthman and the Jovian outfought and outwitted the prison guards, the Venusian jungle-hell, the cunning Chameleon men. Together, they were invincible. But at the Test for the Pearl they divided...."

Assignment in the Dawn - Bryce Walton
5843 words

"There stood Roland, deep beneath a static, dying civilization, fiercely ready to destroy it--and himself, if need be--for love of Frances. Yet a question nagged him. Who was she--and who was he?"

Task of Kayin - Joseph Samachson
6183 words

"From out beyond the second sun he came; a fugitive from a dead and sterile world ... seeking solace, friends, a home, on Earth--a planet of even greater terrors."

Sales Talk - H.F. Cente
5545 words

"Bennett, the salesman, gave a lot of thought to a world that was going to the dogs. But he gave more thought to the Cosmic salesman who could make it a reality."

Duel in Black - John Foster West
2674 words

"In Luna's shroud-like shadows two men lay waiting for each other's move, even their guns obscured. But the dancing space moths weren't fooled."

Among the Scented Ones - Basil Wells
5860 words

"To Besan Wur this backward planet of stampeding monstrosities and stinking humanoids was Sanctuary. Here he could be free--until they discovered he gave off no odor...."

Earthbound - Henry Guth
3678 words

"Never was there a spaceflight more daring! Virgil and Lanya sought what everyone else their age had given up in despair."

Me, Myself and I - William Tenn
4901 words

"Never before in history had such an amazing, baffling and faintly horrifying thing happened to anyone as happened to Galahad McCarthy ... but--whaddyamean, history?"

Failure on Titan - Robert Abernathy
7514 words

"Terror flared across the Saturnian moons. One of the Woollies, that perfect slave-race, had killed a man! But to Big Bill, shambling away
from his bloody, suddenly silent master, the ancient pattern of obedience was unchanged."

The Little Pets of Arkkhan - Bill Garson
7968 words

"Lovable little balls of fur, incongruous on this bleak asteroid, forlorn and lonely ... who could be blamed for picking one up to take
along--or for what happened thereafter?"

Con-Fen - James R. Adams
2659 words

"The Shisti and the Assistant Shisti of Mars chose Chicago, U.S.A., for their vacation spot. No worries; they were invisible. Plenty of rich food; the joint was loaded. A whole year of frolicking in store. Only one thing they overlooked--there was a curious convention going on."

Mind Worms - Moses Schere
4564 words

"Glowing softly out there in the black nothingness--writhing evilly--what was their terrible power that could drive a ship's crew gibbering out the airlocks?"

Jonah of the Jove-Run - Ray Bradbury
5512 words

"They hated this little beat-up old guy. Even if his crazy cosmic brain could track a meteor clear across the Galaxy, why did he have to smash the super-sensitive detectors?"


These are novelette/novella length works suitable for solos or collections of several works by an author. I will attempt to keep this section updated as to works that have been recorded; it would be helpful if you respond on this thread and let me know if you record a book. Of course, one person recording a book doesn't make it off-limits for anyone else -- we welcome multiple versions!

Captives of the Thieve-Star - James M. Schmitz
11676 words

"When Peer and Channok grappled the derelict Ra-Twelve, they hooked a death-prize—haunted by the Yomm, stalked by the Mysterious Nine!"

Exile from Venus - E. Hoffmann Price
11794 words

"Earth was a world of murdering savages; bleak and desolate; contaminated by deadly radioactivity. Only Craig Verrill's atavistic stubbornness--and a rash promise, made in fury--could have brought him back to that perilous birthplace of Man...."

Princess of Chaos - Bryce Walton
10605 words

"The howling, slavering mob in the blood-spattered arena hated the half-breed Moljar—-prayed gibberingly for his
death. But Moljar looked coldly up at the Princess and licked dry lips. He would not die-—while she lived!"

Against Tetrarch - A.A.O. Gilmour
8108 words

"On that evil planet, broken men who had once trod Earth knew only two things for sure. One, they all were dying at twenty-five. Two, lovely Mona Darlanan was a dirty traitor."

Bunzo Farewell - Charles V. De Vet
8274 words

"'Have you ever seen a dead mahute, or even one that was ill? Or anything that looks like a graveyard?' Tang and Lutscher knew not the answer ... but maybe Bunzo, the clober, knew."

Mo-Sanshon! - Bryce Walton
9319 words

"Only Professor Ward knew they were on Earth, could almost hear them rustling behind their humanoid faces. Then Red came to help him, and of course he had to trust Red. But--could he?"

The Radio Beasts - Ralph Milne Farley
64554 words

Originally published as a serial in 1925, this is a full-length novel.

The Ethic of the Assassin - Hayden Howard
8647 words

"Incorruptible, The Assassin. The best you could do was to buy the delicate Kri-Kri death."

Gama is Thee! - Stanley Mullen
10215 words

"On Venus, if one rings a doorbell, or bangs on a locked gate at night, it is adventure. You never know who--or what--will answer your summons. The door swings slowly open and you brace yourself to look. Will it be maid--or monster--or both?"

Beneath the Red World's Crust - Erik Fennel
15979 words

"The ancient leviathan heaved mightily in the vast buried cavern, pumping water upward as it had been told. Only hunted Nick Tinker knew that more than just water was coming to the dust-dry surface!"

Beyond the X Ecliptic - Fox B. Holden
14351 words

"Earthman was dying of boredom; Hope had become folly. Work merely a means to avoid insanity. And death was the great reward ... until Cragin, step-son of darkest space, dared the Barrier; dared to soar beyond the X Ecliptic--to the machine-planet--where The Owners grimly governed all the fading galaxies."

Beyond the Yellow Fog - Robert Emmett McDowell
20236 words

"'It is the little death,' they whispered. 'When that yellow mist starts creeping, you'll wish you were dead, sir.'
Gavin Murdock, hardened manhunter, coldly eyed the evil miasma rising through the mystery spaceship and braced himself for unguessable horror...."

Black Silence - Robert Emmett McDowell
20301 words

"Thundering back they came across cold space—eyes aching for remembered vistas, nostrils flaring for sweet fresh air, feet itching to tread on precious soil. They stepped down--into a wasted lifeless horror! Eying each other in despair, they wondered. Must they--could they--colonize an alien world they once called HOME?"

Where the Gods Decide - James McKimmey
10183 words

"In the webbed hands of the stolid, green-faced ones rests the Screece gem. Some say it's a fabulous diamond; some an emerald; some a
ruby ... but Caine guessed it was death itself."

The Martian Circe - Raymond F. Jones
15535 words

"Who was this sweet-voiced singer weaving a spell of dreams and drugs that drove men mad and threatened to smash the System? SBI
Captain Roal Hartford dared the death of the Thousand Minds to learn her dreadful secret!"

Moon of Danger - Albert DePina
14537 words

"The huge ship from Mars bore on toward Earth with the last haggard survivors of a terrible plague. But Ric Martin hurtled to intercept the space-giant, knowing it brought an evil far deadlier than even the relentless metal-spores it fled!"

Vassals of the Lode-Star - Gardner F. Fox
20028 words

"Caught up in a mad space-time snarl, making their last grim stand against a surging android horde, the outlawed man-beasts of the Settlements could not see why mighty-thewed Thor Masterson of Terra chose instead to battle a strange green flame!"

Spoilers of the Spaceways
- W. Bradford Martin
10710 words

"Out beyond hyper-space soared the transmuted Terran--to Trygon II--where all mad men die willingly for the Empress."

Earth is Missing!
- Carl Selwyn
15989 words

"87th Century Earth, entombed in a relentless, mile-thick coat of ice--its buried cities groaning in slow-congealing despair--still dreaded far more a bestial horror, known only as The Bear. For that monster with a human brain was threatening to steal the world!"

The Prison of the Stars - Stanley Mullen
16082 words

"To head out beyond Pluto a venturer needs more than a super-spaceship; he needs people as super-desperate and freedom-hungry as himself; people strange and daring. Wilding, the trespasser, found them on Alcatraz--the rogue asteroid ... the prison of the stars."

Sword of the Seven Suns
- Gardner F. Fox
16839 words

"Their world was dark. Their Machine-God was dead. Savage hordes threatened to overrun them, smash them. What, then, was Flane doing out in the desert, alone with the wreck of a spaceship--and a strangely-wrought sword?"

Please let me know if you find this helpful or have any suggestions to improve layout, readability, tracking etc.

Colleen McMahon

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