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Post by NathanPFry » April 14th, 2021, 2:13 pm

Chapter 4 When I amplified to 93 dB I got a warning from Checker to keep it under 92, so i have it at 91.7


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Post by NathanPFry » April 14th, 2021, 3:31 pm

Chapter 3 - ok, this should be the final. Re-edited and deleted all the unnatural pauses and also applied the recommended effects to levelize the vocals a bit and got volume to 91.9 dB so passed checker in the green


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Post by msfry » April 14th, 2021, 4:47 pm

Chapters 3 and 4 are PL OK Good job!

I will make a few comments, however regarding your volume, which is inconsistent between sections such that a listener may well have to raise or lower their volume level as they proceed from one chapter to another.
Checker reports:
Ch 1 90.5 db
Ch 2 87.9 db
Ch 3 91.9 db
Ch 4 91.7 db
You can see that the volume difference between Ch 2 and 3 is 4 db. LV's range is from 86 to 92 so the files do clear Checker, but the median we shoot for is 89, and especially on a solo where the reader is able to adjust all their files, you can get them to more closely match. This result becomes more reliable when you get your recording set-up stabilized.
On Chapter 3, your volume goes from loud to soft to loud to soft. You can see this on the wave form and hear it too. For example at :30 it jumps from -2 (off the median of 89) to +4. This is because one of the characters is exclaiming something. Later it goes way down because a character is musing to themselves. The trick is to convey shouting and whispering without actually altering your volume more that +/- 1,5 db. I think it has to do with moving closer and further from the mike. Good luck with that. It what makes recording such a fun (or exasperating) challenge.
At Librivox, these details are left up to the reader to fix. I mention them only because you have asked me for coaching tips, and a professional reader would have to attend to these details.
So far so good. I look forward to hearing more chapters soon.
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