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Solo or group recordings that are finished and fully available for listeners
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Post by CSCO » March 2nd, 2021, 3:15 am

Thanks for your efforts! The recordings don't pay as commercial products because the essays are very hard for non-English speakers. In short, they are niche products. But they are very very important for English literature students. And the students include Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, and so on. A kid follows his parents' voices. The recordings grow good scholars surely. Your names resound for centuries!
T r i c i a G ! !
A d r i a n S t e p h e n s ! !
K e v i n S ! !
S a n d r a C u l l u m ! !
A r d e n ! !
A l a n M a p s t o n e ! !
c o l s o n ! !
d r w e b b e r ! !
Y a e l i n L e e ! !
M i c f a i r y 2 5 2 ! !
J e n n i f e r H e n r y ! !
w e e z e r ! !
P a u l H a r v e y ! !
R o m a S i n g h ! !
M a t e a B r a c i c ! !

And thanks for all Super Troupers!!
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