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Post by Ugljesha » November 9th, 2012, 1:50 pm

Please allow me to introduce myself to you, as a new prospective volunteer reader.

I am resident of Wisconsin and a graduate of its’ state university, UW Madison class of 1972, with an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and a Master's degree in Library Science (1975). Now retired, I find that listening the audiobooks and spoken-word radio shows from the "Golden Age Radio is a source of pleasure and continuing education. I listen to both fiction and nonfiction works, as streams from sites like Live365, and as downloads to my hard drive. I take my listening with me via downloads from the internet, copied to an MP3 player.

I don't remember how I found Librivox but I expect that a Google search for sources of audiobooks led me to your door -- and what a treasure house I found! Something which impresses me as I search your site is the eclectic nature of your catalogue, and the obvious care with which the recordings are produced. Your Forums are populated with friendly and willing to help contributors and staffers -- and wonderfully free as far as I can tell of the trolls, whiners, and get-rich-quick artists which plague so many discussion sites. You are there to produce good audio and get it out to people like me. Which is appreciated.

I have never recorded anything longer than "not home leave message" for my answering machine but I think I could do it and enjoy doing it.

I have read and listen to American history, especially dealing with the Civil War, and American and British 19th Century fiction, so I would be looking for opportunities to volunteer for projects in those areas. I think that your catalogue does not yet have a version of John Galsworthy's short story: "Quality," and that there is still space for it in one of the Short Story collections now being assembled, for example.

Alas, I have no background in performing arts and cannot do convincing dialects, or languages other than American English. I can pronounce German words easily, but my French accent is an insult and Spanish words are iffy. Still, with practice, who can say?

My speaking voice is relatively clear, unaccented and unremarkable.

So, in the words of David Copperfield's childhood friend: "tell her that 'Barkus is willing'." And so am I.

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Post by carolb » November 10th, 2012, 3:50 am

Ugljesha wrote:I have never recorded anything longer than "not home leave message" for my answering machine but I think I could do it and enjoy doing it.
Welcome to LibriVox, Ugljes!a!

You've come to the best place to increase your recording skills - with plenty of advice and guidance.
The information and links in your welcome e-mail will set you in the right direction.

Have fun :wink:


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Post by sonnethaiku » November 10th, 2012, 1:56 pm

I loved your closing sentiment in this introduction. Very well-expressed!
~ Chessie Joy

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