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Post by Gracicah » January 1st, 2020, 2:18 pm

Hi! My name is Gracicah and I love to read a variety of books, poems, and short stories. I discovered LibriVox through Project Gutenberg a couple of years ago, but my love of audio storytelling dates back to when I was a little girl listening to cassette tapes of old radio programs before bedtime. One of my favorite radio programs was The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and by coincidence the first audiobook I found on Librivox was also Sherlock Holmes.

I have a little experience recording podfics (audio recordings of fanfiction) under the same user name at Archive of Our Own, and am excited to develop my abilities as a reader of original content. I am a native English speaker and am also proficient in Spanish, so I hope to try my hand at recording in both languages!

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Post by philchenevert » January 1st, 2020, 8:52 pm

Welcome to LibriVox! Be patient and have fun here. I've made a little video to welcome people; you may find it informative and helpful or then again it may just be confusing. In any case ask lots of questions, we are a helpful bunch here. https://youtu.be/mwtn_2d3_qs

Oh, and Isabella, the happy Librivox penguin welcomes you too Image
Eager to get started recording? Follow these 7 steps to recording! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKLWam9cfVo&t=74s

Do they allow loud laughing in Hawaii? or just a low ha?

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