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Post by Jaymundo » February 4th, 2021, 4:19 pm

Hi all Librivoxers!

My name is Jay, calling in from Leicester, UK – ey up to any fellow Rateyes! – and I've just managed to find that elusive key to the forum. Glad to be here!

By way of introduction: I have been an avid LV listener for around 5 years (Peter Yearsley and Mark F. Smith among my favourite readers) and now would like to give something back. To begin with I thought I'd give it a go in my native language (German), but I might venture into English further down the line. (So give me a shout if your ensemble piece is in dire need of zat baddie viff zat akzent!) I also speak a bit of Welsh (tipyn bach...!), but that's more of a long-term project.

I'm 40 years old and a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, primarily running the video games publishing and media access gauntlet (subtitling, audio description and some VO'ing). Since 2010 I've worked as an independent freelance translator (and occasional as-yet-unpublished writer). Ironically, I first started out as a sound engineer. (My initial audio engineering degree back in the day included some hefty modules on copyright law so I feel confident on that front, too.) Consequently I have some nice gear kicking around: a much-treasured Electro-Voice RE20, which hopefully ought to compliment my voice (a baritone, possibly on the higher end), and my second-favourite preamp (Focusrite ISA One; budget wouldn't stretch to my fave...), amongst other toys. I'll be recording straight into a vintage Pro Tools system, which I hope also to be using for edits and mixdown to 128kbit/s. It's a cozy little setup (some might call it overkill!) but I would like to slowly build a VO and narration portfolio, and Librivox is an ideal place to hone that skill. It would also provide me with an opportunity to give something back to the Creative Commons community.

Because I tend to set myself pretty high goals (and because I have some previous experience) I'm thinking of throwing myself right into the ring with Thoreau's Walden as my first solo project – which, I was rather shocked to discover, has not yet had a German reading here (at least none that I was able to find) although 2 excellent out-of-copyright translations exist [Emma Emmerich's, 1897; Wilhelm Nobbe's, 1904-5]. I've already done some comparisons – both to Thoreau's original and to one another – but haven't yet decided which of these it's ultimately going to be (although I do have a slight tendency for the Nobbe version). A mainstay in US literature, the book has had but a small German readership. Not least because of the current crises, however, I have no doubt that it deserves a lot more attention.

So I'm chuffed to become part of your community, and would also like to take this opportunity to express a long-overdue thank-you for everything every single one of you has achieved on here so far and continue to achieve for the open source and CC community. The only fly in the ointment is that there is probably never enough time to hear you all! :roll:

All best,


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Post by lymiewithpurpose » February 8th, 2021, 3:56 pm

Wow, it sounds like you have a lot of valuable experience to contribute here. Please do remember to submit your 1-minute test. This is not an audition but it is important to make sure your tech specs are correct before recording. Sounds like you have some plans already, and I hope you have a lot of fun!
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Post by HandmadePSK » March 3rd, 2021, 7:03 pm

Jaymundo wrote:
February 4th, 2021, 4:19 pm
Hi all Librivoxers!

My name is Jay, calling in from Leicester, UK – ey up to any fellow Rateyes! – and I've just managed to find that elusive key to the forum. Glad to be here!

All best,

Hi Jay! 👨‍✈️

I did not understand everything from what you wrote, but I understood the main thing - that you are here seriously and for a long time! And that you have good equipment and a lot of related skills.
Therefore, I thank you for your serious approach to volunteering and wish you all the best and most joyful! 🎁
And no flies in the ointment!))))))) ⛔
Alexander, by HandmadePSK
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