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Post by aelfwaru » February 27th, 2021, 10:58 am

Hello, I'm Ælfwaru. I've been familiar with LibriVox for many years, and have been doing hobby narrations for a while, so I figured I should get around to registering and perhaps contributing to a few smaller projects. (I was sure I had an older account from many years ago, but could not find it, so it was likely my imagination, or the forum deactivated it due to disuse.) I am most comfortable reading in English but could read German, Spanish and French as well. I primarily enjoy poetry.

I record on a Zoom H1n with windscreen and pop filter on an arm (top-down angle to avoid breaths and mouth sounds) and edit on Goldwave, with some help from Auphonic for volume-levelling. My recording environment is a bedroom lined with bookshelves on two walls, which seems to provide an acceptable room tone. (I also have a sound-insulated box, but the positioning is a little awkward and a top-down microphone positioning seems to work better anyway.)

I have a lot of personal projects right now, so will probably be slow to start, but I look forward to my time here.

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Post by GraceBuchanan » March 1st, 2021, 6:27 pm

Hello Ælfwaru,

Welcome to the land behind the scenes of LibriVox. We're glad you stepped over to this side. Your familiarity with our recordings, hobby narrations, and multilingual-ism are terrific assets.

You've certainly noticed that we cherish contributions from all languages. Have you noticed that we have a forum where people ask for help with pronunciation of foreign words?

Since you want to start slowly, and since you enjoy poetry, consider submitting a recording of the weekly poem, and contributing to the Short Poem Collection.

Best wishes,
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