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Post by kattekliek » May 21st, 2015, 12:48 pm

Just a tip to anyone volunteering in translating the Librivox wiki-pages: be sure to try Wordfast Anywhere. It's free webbased software for computer assisted translation (CAT) - not to be confused with automatic computer translation services like Google Translate. It will make your translation life much easier! How? By taking care of the tags this software allows you to focus solely on translation of the words/phrases. The tags of the document - be it Word, PDF, HTML or many other formats - are 'under the hood' and will pop up once you download the end result. In addition this software will remember all phrases you once translated and use them to build a TM (translation memory). If new texts contain the same phrases (either complete or fuzzy matches) these will pop up automatically. Also you can build your own glossary, which will enable you to quickly enter specific words or short phrases (by typing the first letter of the word and pressing enter).

It is not intuitive software (so please RTFM :)), but the learning curve is steep. Anyone who can learn to work with Librivox, should be able to learn WordFast Anywhere as well - monolinguists excluded (as this would render the software rather useless to you ;)).
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