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Wired News Covers Librivox!

Posted: December 16th, 2005, 8:25 am
by GordMackenzie
The long awaited article is finally up on Wired News!,1284,69780,00.html

"The Web Will Read You a Story"

Posted: December 16th, 2005, 8:36 am
by kayray
Yay librivox!

Posted: December 16th, 2005, 9:30 am
by hugh

Posted: December 16th, 2005, 9:57 am
by hugh
from justin:
I just read about LibriVox on and I have just got to say
"Thank you!" I wish I had found it much sooner. The thank you is from
myself and from my grandmother. Nearly 12 years ago she went blind.
She was about 65 when that happened and doesn't have the ability to
learn braile. She/I/our group (National Federation of the Blind:
Murray, KY Chapter) have been searching for better ways to get audio
books and tapes at a less expensive prices for our members (we range
from about 25-50 from year to year). There is barely enough budget to
supply a Thanksgiving and Christmas party each year. Our local library
supplies a few titles but they are few and far between and the CDs and
tapes seem to be abused and broken by those who check them out so they
rarely work properly. There are also "radio stations" at an extremely
high subsciption rate. With your site, I can direct our chapter, and
hopefully more, to free, quality content. You are a blessing to my
grandmother and all who can benefit from your work. Thanks again!

Posted: December 16th, 2005, 10:04 am
by kayray
Thanks for sharing that, Hugh. Wow. That melts my heart. Can you find out if there's anything special that Justin's grandmother would like to hear?