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I have channel on telegram my channel's posts are quotes I use to translate quotes from English to Arabic in my channel that my channel's members enjoy the meaning of the quotes and learn new English words now I want someone to donate to make audios for these quotes 10 quotes weekly there more than 18000 members in my channel
My channel's posts are like this following quotes
It's better to lose time with your friends than to lose them within time.
من الأفضل أن تخسر زمن مع أصدقائك
من أن تخسر أصدقائك مع الزمن

In order to learn from our mistakes, we first have to admit that we made them.

لكي نتعلم من أخطأنا علينا أولا أن نعترف أننا فعلناها

I've learned....
That to ignore the facts does not change the facts.

تعلمت أن .....
تجاهلك للحقيقة لا يغير الحقيقة

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