Who says science and poetry don’t mix?

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Post by SonOfTheExiles » April 30th, 2020, 3:54 pm

This from Kevin Hartnett, Science Operations Manager for @NASAHubble.

"The stars I see are yesteryear’s,
Their glow, from flames of glory past.
And now my life, a light, appears;
How far will my effect be cast?"
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Post by k5hsj » April 30th, 2020, 11:13 pm

C.P. Snow in The Two Cultures? :) Nice poem.
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Post by CSCO » May 1st, 2020, 7:24 am

I must read Eureka by E. A. Poe someday.

Lewis Carroll was a poet and mathematician.

Vladimir Nabokov was a poet and entomologist.

Miyazawa Kenji (宮沢 賢治 or 宮澤 賢治) was a poet and agricultural science teacher.
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Peter Why
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Post by Peter Why » May 1st, 2020, 10:07 am

There's a wonderful poem by Roger Zelazny in his Doorways in the Sand, about the beauty of Lobachevskian mathematics. I can't find my copy at the moment, so I can't quote, but it includes the word "calipigianous" (or possibly "calipigianouswise").

EDIT: I found the recording that I'd made of this poem. It starts:

Lobachevsky alone has looked on beauty bare;
She curves in here, she curves in here,
She curves out there.
Her parallel clefts come together to tease
In uncalipigianouswise ...


An ellipse is fine, as far as it goes,
But .... if I am going to see Beauty without her clothes,
Give me hyperbolas any old day ...

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Post by KevinS » May 1st, 2020, 10:48 am

Racy stuff...
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Post by lurcherlover » May 1st, 2020, 12:37 pm


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