Want to start a collaborative play?

Post ALL new projects here (solos, books, short works/poetry collections, drama -- in any language.) Please read the stickies first
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Post by Gesine » December 2nd, 2006, 5:52 pm

Plays are great fun to do, here at LibriVox -- it's a wonderful way of involving the wide range of voices our global membership can boast.

However, the process of producing one is much like herding cats! Please note that it can be a fairly long-term commitment (taking months or even years in some cases) and consider pulling together a team to support the project. (e.g. agreeing in advance a coordinator, editor, noisecleaner, listener, etc.) This ISN'T essential, but it can help a lot. Please also review our Good Practice Guidelines and ask if you have any questions.

To get started, have a look at the wiki page for book coordinators. Then start a new thread here, titled something like "DRAMA: <play title> by <playwright>" ... e.g. "DRAMA: The Rover by Aphra Behn." Use the New Project Template Generator and fill in all the information required.

Once you have posted your project, an MC will be along to claim it as usual. The project will be entered into the database and, if copyright status can be verified, your MC will edit your first post to include a section and reader list. They will also move the thread from this forum to its home in the Readers Wanted: Dramatic Works forum.

Your MC can let you know how to sign up readers, coordinate part allocation and keep track in the Magic Window. They can't do this for you, though, so if you may need support, try recruiting a co-BC to work with.

Please read this document before posting a new project: The New LibriVox Project Management System FAQ for Book Coordinators and Dedicated Prooflisteners

Please post here if you have any comments or questions about the process -- and start a new thread in Book Suggestions if you have questions or would like to build support for producing a particular play.

Good luck and have fun!
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