PLEASE READ before Reporting Errors on Catalog Pages

Report & help check download problems, corrupted files, badly-named files, bad links etc. (NOT for style & reading complaints)
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Post by knotyouraveragejo » September 8th, 2013, 8:43 pm

Please report errors on the new catalog pages and/or other problems with the website by copying and pasting the appropriate section below and editing to provide the relevant information.

Please post as a New Topic in the Errors Reports thread. We will do our best to respond to posts and correct errors in a timely fashion, but please be patient! There is still a lot happening behind the scenes. :)

1. Missing Data
-project page url:
-List what is missing
zipfile link
section titles/durations
cover art
download links don't work

2. Incorrect data:
-project page url
-Tell us what you think is incorrect and if known the correct information
links are go to wrong files/pages
readers are incorrect
author is incorrect
typos on page

3. Other pages - please provide the page url and a detailed description of what you think missing or incorrect

4. Can't find a project in catalog
-Name of project
-How you searched (simple search or advanced search)
-Exact search terms used

5. If web pages are not loading properly
- your browser (and its version) and your operating system
- what you're clicking on
- what you expect it to do
- what it actually does

For all other comments/feedback/suggestions concerning the website
Please get in touch with AT Cori will be reading there, probably helped by some other admins, so your suggestions and feedback can be sorted and passed on to the right people and not get lost in the amongst other posts in the forum.