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Post by annise » April 4th, 2017, 2:00 pm

from the help desk

I downloaded the mp3 files from:

If you click section 63 you will hear the same as the download.

La Comédie Humaine: 02 - Scènes de la vie privée tome 2 (3-9-42)


63 - Une fille d'Eve 5/14

This section ends with

"...comme un Alceste en agissant comme Philinte."
(There is no usual announcement of "Fin de la ...ième section.)

Section 64 begins with:

"—Prenez garde, ma chère..."

There is a large section (about 1300 words) which is not in the recording beginning with:

"Son égoïsme trotte à couvert de cette armure en carton peint..."

ending with:

" était donc trop à toutes les femmes pour être à une seule."

I am to so grateful to be able to listen to these recordings - it is truly an amazing accomplishment! I thought it would be helpful for others listening if I mentioned this omission.

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