Short Ghost and Horror Collection 047: Incorrect author W. Bob Holland?

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Re: the collection "Short Ghost and Horror Collection 047"

W. Bob Holland is credited as author for several sections in this collection.
Readings are from "Twenty-Five Ghost Stories" "compiled and edited by" W. Bob Holland

In that etext, some of the stories are credited to other authors.
The assumption seems to have been made that W. Bob Holland is the author of the other stories, where no author is credited, but I don't think that is necessarily true.
I think W. Bob Holland is just the editor of the collection, and not the author of any of the stories.

section 02: The Dead Woman's Photograph
seems to be the same text as "The Story of an Obstinate corpse" from
The Shape of Fear by Elia Wilkinson Peattie

section 17: The Spectre Bride is "On the Northern Ice" from same book

Two of the stories were previously syndicated in American newspapers, with no author credited:
section 11: A Misfit Ghost

section 14: A Phantom Toe

The other stories I looked up in the Internet Speculative Fiction Database:

section 05: The Ghost of a Live Man "Anonymous" according to ISFDB
section 15: The Phantom Woman "Anonymous" according to ISFDB
section 18: An Unbidden Guest "Anonymous" according to ISFDB

section 13: "The Phantom Hag"
"Per E.F. Bleiler from The Guide to Supernatural Fiction, this story is attributed to Maupassant in some editions but is not actually his work and is probably of British origin."

Quite possibly none of the stories were written by W. Bob Holland

I would suggest changing the author of section 02 and 17 to Elia Wilkinsion Peattie,
and changing the author of the other sections currently credited to W. Bob Holland
(section 05, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18) to "Anonymous".

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