I cannot find a thread I saw here; what happened to it?

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Post by Gesine » December 21st, 2005, 6:18 pm

Unless you were hallucinating, it's most likely that the thread was moved to another forum by an administrator. This happens because as part of the LibriVox recording 'work flow' it progressed to another part of the process and was thus better placed further down the chain.

The 'work flow' usually (but not always!) looks like this:

1) A book or shorter work is suggested in the Book Suggestions forum.

2) Someone decides to start work on it, and posts in the Launch Pad. From there, two things can happen, depending on what the book coordinator has requested:
a) It is taken up as a solo project and posted in the Going Solo forum
b) It is made into a collaborative group project, with several readers reading parts of the text. In this case, it moves to the correct Readers Wanted forum (depending on whether it is a book, dramatic work, or is short pieces such as poetry.)

3) Once the book is in progress:
a) If it's a solo project, it remains in Going Solo, where the reader occasionally posts progress reports and receives encouragement from wannabe listeners, until the reading is completed.
b) If it's a group project, the Book Co-ordinator liaises with volunteer readers, who 'claim' parts of the work and post the completed readings to the LibriVox uploader. Once all chapters have been claimed, the project is moved to the Readers Found forum.

4) Proof-listeners are recruited to check each file as it comes in. If just one person works on the whole book, they are known as the Dedicated Proof-listener (DPL). The proof-listener(s) and the book co-ordinator are the ONLY people who should download files from books in progress.

5) When all the recordings for the project are done, and have been proof-listened, with problems corrected, the project MC (meta co-ordinator) posts them on archive.org and in the LibriVox catalogue, where they are available for all listeners. The project thread is then moved to Completed Works, where it will remain permanently.

Note: If a solo work is put on hold or abandoned, the thread may be moved to Temporary Storage (a hidden area) until it is ready to be re-started in some way, either by the original reader, or a new book co-ordinator.
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