SOLO [Gloves, Past and Present] by [Willard M. Smith],

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SOLO [Gloves, Past and Present] by [Willard M. Smith], by Willard M. Smith, translated by Katilynn Faz (2005 - )
From the preface: "For thirty years I have devoted myself to the practical problems of the glove industry, and my connection with one of the substantial firms of master-merchant-glovers in the world has taught me how little gloves are known or appreciated by the millions of persons who buy them and wear them. The pursuit of glove lore-the historic romance of the glove-has long since been with me a selfish recreation. Now I desire to share it, as well as the practical knowledge, with all men and women who have missed seizing upon the real relation which gloves bear to life." (Summary by Google)
Source text (please read only from this text!):

Target completion date: 2021-04-29

Prooflistening level: Standard
Prospective PLs, please see the Guide for Proof-listeners.

IMPORTANT - soloist, please note: in order to limit the number of languishing projects on our server, we ask that you post an update at least once a month in your project thread, even if you haven't recorded anything. If we don't hear from you for three months, your project may be opened up to a group project if a Book Coordinator is found. Files you have completed will be used in this project. If you haven't recorded anything yet, your project will be removed from the forum (contact any admin to see if it can be re-instated).

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Genres for the project: *Non-fiction

Keywords that describe the book: romance, historic


LibriVox recording settings: mono (1 channel), 44100 Hz sample rate, 128 kbps constant bit rate MP3. See the Tech Specs

Intro to recording:
Leave 0.5 to 1 second of silence at the beginning.

For the first section, say:
"Section (or Chapter) # of SOLO [Gloves, Past and Present] by [Willard M. Smith]. This is a LibriVox recording. All LibriVox recordings are in the public domain. For more information or to volunteer, please visit" [Optional: "Read by your name."] "SOLO [Gloves, Past and Present] by [Willard M. Smith], by Willard M. Smith, translated by Katilynn Faz. Section Title."
For the second and subsequent sections, you may use the shortened intro if you wish:
"Section (or Chapter) # of SOLO [Gloves, Past and Present] by [Willard M. Smith], by Willard M. Smith, translated by Katilynn Faz. This LibriVox recording is in the public domain." [Optional: "Read by your name."] "Section Title."
End of recording:
"End of section (or chapter) #." [Optional, and if not stated in the intro: "Read by your name, city, date."]
If you are recording the final section of the book, add:
"End of SOLO [Gloves, Past and Present] by [Willard M. Smith], by Willard M. Smith, translated by Katilynn Faz."
Leave 5 seconds of silence at the end.

Filename: sologlovespastandpresentbywillardmsmith_##_smith_128kb.mp3 where ## is the section number. (e.g. sologlovespastandpresentbywillardmsmith_01_smith_128kb.mp3)

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Welcome to LibriVox!

I'd love to see you read this book, but it's strongly recommend that new readers complete a 1 minute test (not an audition, but to check your technical settings) and a section for a group project before you start off on a solo. That way you have a better idea what's involved in completing an audio book. In fact, two years ago another reader started this very book. He only completed one section and then disappeared ...

So, if you could submit a test and a section for a group project, then come back here and let us know you're ready to start this project.

If you would like a jump start at that point, you are welcome to use the section completed by the other reader ... or you can read all the sections on your own.


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Moving this from the Launch Pad to keep it tidy. When you're ready to solo this, post in the thread, and an admin can move it back to the Launch Pad for you. :)
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