Trying out Adobe Podcast, and wow!

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I found out about Adobe Podcast and its 'Enhance Speech' function today, and thought it would perfect for LibriVox. Just did a quick search, and found very little mention of it on these forums (one mention of how it could be used to remove echoes in a recording, and one mention of someone using it for their 1-minute test), so I thought I'd bring it up.

I decided to test it with a recording I did for LibriVox a while back. Here's the same comparison in two different ways. Firstly, starting with the original low quality recording cross-fading into the enhanced recording:

And secondly by cutting between the old and new versions every three seconds:

The difference is astounding. Wish this was a thing when I did my earlier recordings...

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Thanks for the info! I tried it out on a recent recording and it does, indeed, seem to sound better overall. It looks like their AI does a compression/normalization routine that's better than the one the comes with Audacity or (my app of choice) SoundStudio. It also cuts down on "room tone" and other eccentricities. The only thing I don't like is that it's a bit too manic about closing up silences. Sometimes you need a slight pause for emphasis. Still worth thinking about, especially for the voice tracks I record for KDHX.
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