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Hi I am new to librivox this is a text I would like to read and would like to know how I can be come a reader for the following text:
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On the main book page, it has:
Copyright Status: Public domain in the USA.

So yes, it's available for LibriVox.

In addition, if you're outside the US, the author died more than 100 years ago, so it's PD worldwide.

That said, the book is about 100,000 words, or about 11-12 hours of finished recording. That would be pretty long for a first solo project. :hmm:

We HIGHLY recommend recording a bit in group projects to start with. That way you can get a feel for recording and editing - how much work it takes. Plus, you can get used to how we do things around here. And, finally, you are able to work out any bugs in your system - recording setup things, how you edit and do noise-removal and even how you do your actual reading - so that a solo project you're passionate about will end up being something you'll be proud of. :)

That said, when you're ready to start a solo project, there's a thread over in the New Projects Launch Pad called Want to start a solo recording? It has the info you need to start a solo project.
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