How to tell if a project has a Dedicated Proof Listener(DPL)

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MaryAnnSpiegel wrote: August 19th, 2016, 4:20 pm
TriciaG wrote:The only other way to tell if a project has a DPL or not (aside from combing through all the project threads) is to hang out in Listeners & Editors Wanted and look at the pinned threads there. However, sometimes these don't get moved right away when a DPL volunteers - again, humans are error prone. ;)
At least for the time being, there is another alternative . . . we are trialing a report listing all projects without an assigned DPL. It's available on the Project Status Table page in the Wiki here:

Creating the tables is a manual process and its only done every week or so, so be aware that the info may be a bit out of date.

MaryAnn -

This is an interesting table. I've not seen it before. Thank you for sharing the link! I enjoy DPLing and will check this out.

Betsy in Santa Fe
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