How big is YOUR studio?

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Post by Grevicci »

I'm just a newbie but I do know that I had to find a more secluded area in my house to become my studio-who would've ever thought that I'd have a "studio?" In order to find that peace & quiet from the sounds of sirens, zooming vehicles breaking the sound barrier down the street, scammy phone calls and many more whatnots, I ended up in my basement, to the room on the end, and smack dab into the closet! This 7 ft by almost 5 ft area will house my recording equipment as well as a lot of hanging clothes. Perhaps fortuitous having all of the clothes in order to dampen any echoes that I'm sure that I would have to deal with if it was an empty closet :)
Just curious to learn what area you might have as your "studio" and any tips on how to make it a darn good one no matter the size?
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Post by TriciaG »

I use my living room, sitting on my recliner. :lol: I basically have no sound dampening. If a loud car goes by, I typically notice and repeat the sentence/phrase. And I don't have children or pets to interrupt me. :)
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Post by lightcrystal »

II am beyond these measurement units! I invented my own measurement system called the wingspan. First, let's define one wingspan. If you stretch your arms each side to the furthest, that's one wingspan. My studio:

length: approx 3 wingspans.
width: approx 2 wingspans.
height: even if jumping is allowed it's one and a bit wingspans.

Note: I am 5 foot eight in height. For you wingspan may vary.

It's my studio! I'm gonna measure it how I want to!
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Post by mightyfelix »

I wish I had even one wingspan in width and/or length. I have a teeny corner in the bedroom, blocked off by curtains hung from the ceiling.
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Post by ej400 »

I set up a desk I call "my workspace" next to my bed in my room. It's not a huge bedroom, but it's easy enough to call it my "quarters" away from the rest of the family. TV close by, a bookshelf, it feels homely to me :9: No sound dampening either, and I do the same thing as Tricia, listening for traffic if it goes by. Only difference is I have to listen for my cat meowing or not :lol:
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Post by llamaart »

My studio isn't really a studio. My desk is an old chest that's in my bedroom and my chair is a lovely square of floor. But I can't complain because, hey, it's quiet, and it's mine. :mrgreen:
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Post by Grevicci »

Sounds interesting to hear what others do to make a "quiet" space-good ideas and tips. Normally I would record upstairs on my desktop but I feel more comfy in my basement closet because often times, I'll really get into character and gesture and wave my arms all of which may make my family wonder what the heck I'm doing. Not only that, but it is significantly quieter in my basement. Thanks for the responses.
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Post by SowasVon »

I use only a desk to clamp the boom arm of my microphone to, an no equipment to dampen reverb ... I believe my recordings don't sound reverb-y because I'm recording on a USB mic with cardioid setting, i.e. the microphone is recording from one direction only, not omnidirectionally. Then again, I think a sound pro would say that the recorded material doesn't sound "dry" enough to be used professionally. So there's certainly things I could improve still, like hanging up blankets.
I remember at one point, it did sound reverb-y, so I put a blanket over my head and the boom arm for some re-recordings. Can't recommend it, it sounded even worse that way. But it looked funny for sure.
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Post by sjmarky »

I have a closet about 5x5' square in a spare bedroom. No clothes, though; walls covered with acoustic foam.
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Post by Winnifred »

I have a standing desk in a corner of my kitchen, next to the refrigerator. That means I have to pay attention to when the fridge starts and stops, and noise reduce each segment of my recordings accordingly. As I’m in an apartment, I don’t have better options, unless I go down to the pool/billiards/games room in our building, which I do occasionally. It’s super quiet there (almost nobody uses it), but the heating doesn’t work, so I have to bundle up, and it takes a while to warm up afterwards.

I also have the option of a professional recording studio at my local public library, but sadly, usage is limited to twice a month. Boo.

Noise reduction is my best friend.

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