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I am TotalEcho, it's obviously a pseudonym, because my real name is a bit harder to pronounce in English. I'm a 32 year old guy from Romania who works in the glass processing industry (window panes and such).

I have a bachelor's degree in Economics but somehow ended up doing engineering work as well, given the technical nature of the field I work in.

Since I was a kid I've always loved playing with my voice and doing a lot of impressions of video games and cartoon characters but as soon as life started kicking in I had to scrap that for a more "serious" career. As time went by I noticed that my affinity for voices didn't diminish at all, so about 2 years ago, I started taking some online voice acting courses and also started streaming to feel comfortable behind a mic and in front of a camera. Needless to say it was hard at first because I had a bit of a stage fright. While streaming I've edited my own videos and audio, and also posted shorts on Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok and all platforms of the sort. Sadly, because my work is very demanding, I had a choice to make which was obviously to postpone or even quit streaming. My philosophy is: "if you do something, put the effort in and try to do it the best you can". As such, I realised that in order to become better at streaming, I needed to invest more time, time which I didn't really have.

After quitting, I felt a slight void. I loved using my creative side while streaming because it compensated for the analytical thinking I use in my day to day job. It took me only a few weeks to start taking an amateur acting class at the local athenaeum, which was around this time last year.

Long story short, last week, my colleagues and I decided to do something nice for our professor's birthday, so each of us prepared something like reciting a poem, reading from an epic work, whatever anyone wanted. I decided to prepare a dialogue between two of my favorite characters from a video game. Needless to say, after my performance she said I should do something with my voice, suggesting I should read ebooks for children. After a few google searches on where and how to start, it was really easy finding Librivox. I figured that volunteering is the best way to start learning the ropes of becoming a professional voice actor.

So here I am, starting fresh, with a new pseudonym that reflects my evolution since I started this journey.
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Welcome, TotalEcho! It's interesting to hear what brought you here!
Will you be recording in Romanian? English? Other languages? :)
"You're on Librivox? Pffft. You just like to hear yourself talk."
"Yuuuup." :mrgreen:
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