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Post by Anfra »

I have a MacBook Air. I'm wondering if this is ok, and what sort of headset/microphone I should use? Thanks for your help.
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Post by sjmarky »

Hi Anfra. I also have a MB Air. It is in fact the ideal recording laptop since it is fanless as well as fast.

I'm not fond of headsets. What I do recommend is the Audio-Technica 2500x USB condenser microphone. Only $49 from Amazon. It will work with your Air perfectly. Do add a foam wind screen for another $4.
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Post by Winnifred »

Hi Anfra,

I also have a MacBook Air. I use a Blue Yeti USB microphone with a foam cover (about twice the cost of Mark's Audio-Technica, but it's served me well so far), and I use Apple EarPods to listen to my recordings (and for proof listening). I'm with Mark on the headset question; I want something I can easily take off in order to re-record as necessary when editing, and that doesn't weigh down my head.


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