Great microphone deal: Sterling Audio P30

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It is the season of sales, I guess, and I just thought I would mention a fantastic deal for a decent XLR mic currently on sale for $35 (regularly $90). Guitar Center has its own audio brand called Sterling Audio and their active dynamic mic, the P30, is surprisingly decent. When they were on sale last year for $40 I bought 2 to stereo mic guitar playing and was amazed how well they worked with good sensitivity and little self noise. I have also used it on a few LV recordings.

If you already have an audio interface, could be worth a look. Here is the link:

I just made a quick test with no post processing comparing it to my favorite mic, albeit much more expensive, the Austrian Audio OC18. The P30 is very clear with less proximity effect (I have used it when I want really intimate close miking) and the settings on my preamp were for high impedance which probably favors the OC18. The only difference was the preamp was turned down 10dB for the P30 (perhaps also giving it a little less transformer saturation).
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