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[Last updated: 3rd December 2015]

I've just listened to a LibriVox recording. How can I give feedback? Do you have a rating system?
We have decided not to operate a rating/ranking system, because the general consensus is that negative feedback would be too discouraging for our volunteer readers. Please find more background in this thread: viewtopic.php?t=454

* If you have positive feedback, you could post it here in the forum (we always like to read it!), or you could send an email and we'll pass it on to the reader for you. Also, if you'd like to recommend a reading, please do so by telling your friends, blogging about it or even visiting the relevant page at (where our files are stored) as they do have a review system.

* If you have negative feedback, please send it to info AT librivox DOT org and the administrators will see how best to deal with it, and possibly pass on some points to the reader or raise a specific issue in the forum, if appropriate. Negative feedback posted directly to the forum may be edited or deleted (see our Forum Policies page.)

* If you spot a problem with a recording, please also email us at info AT librivox DOT org or start a new thread in Error Reports (please read the sticky in that forum first.)